Christian Community Action, Inc.

168 Davenport Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519
(203) 777-7848

CCA’s mission is to express faithful witness by providing help, housing, and hope to people who are poor in New Haven.

Their commitment is to support families in their efforts to increase their stability and self-sufficiency, to be a voice of reason, and a light in the darkness during difficult times.

Their purpose is to serve families and individuals in crisis, through a continuum of care that assists them in realizing their unique strength and potential by offering them opportunities to:

  • Meet their unexpected, short-term, urgent and basic needs for food, housing, fuel, information and referrals
  • Access childcare and employment services that will increase family stability, health, safety and well-being
  • Realize their unique abilities, strengths and potential through leadership development, grassroots organizing and training
  • Address root causes of poverty, homelessness and income inequality, by promoting changes in public policy using individual success stories, data about unmet needs, and results in the delivery of services
  • Their desired outcomes are designed to be family-centered, program-focused and transformative.
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