America Reads

America Reads is a volunteer program that provides a valuable service to K-12 students. It stems from a nationwide effort to improve literacy and overall academic achievement in the U.S. This is a crucial aspect of education to focus on because we use our language skills so often. The ability to read fluently and comprehensively is often taken for granted, though it’s something that demands significant effort throughout K-12 education.

They attempt to create a more equitable, diverse learning environment to bridge achievement gaps that befall students. This is especially valuable as COVID-19 has introduced additional strain in the educational system.

Volunteers support this initiative by giving students direct help in the classroom through work in small groups or one-on-one. Mentors find fulfillment in providing children with an enriching educational experience that directs children towards meaningful careers.   

Volunteers are expected to devote 2 hours a week and attend monthly meetings/trainings to develop tutoring skills and strategies.

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