Undergraduate Program Overview

What are human rights? How has the concept of human rights evolved? How and why have human rights been violated, both in the United States and abroad? How have people struggled against human rights violations and with what success? What protections against violations of human rights exist, and how can these protections be enhanced and made more effective? These are the type of questions that human rights students are encouraged to pursue.

The Gladstein Family Human Rights Institute offers students the opportunity to major or minor in human rights at UConn. Our major must be pursued as a second program of study, so students are required to select a primary major in a different discipline. We provide interdisciplinary instruction in theoretical, comparative, and historical perspectives on human rights through classroom courses and gain valuable practical experience in the human rights field through a supervised internship.

Commitment to Interdisciplinarity

A defining feature of our undergraduate program is our commitment to interdisciplinarity which is evident through our eclectic program with course offerings from more than 20 academic departments, spread across four different colleges.

Choose a Specialization

While our program does not feature formal tracks, we do offer specializations with suggested course combinations and internship options for students who are interested in customizing their degree to suit their individual passions.

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Graduate with Honors

Interested students can graduate with honors in human rights. Learn more through the Honors Program or speak to our advising staff to discuss how to integrate a human rights degree with coursework for the Honors Program.

Students gather at a housing discrimination exhibit.

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Undergraduate Brochures (PDF) by Catalog Year

Our Undergraduate Advisors

Elizabeth Holzer

Director of Undergraduate Programs, Gladstein Family Human Rights Institute
Associate Professor, Sociology & Human Rights


Maxwell Switz

Academic Advising Liaison


Alyssa Webb

Educational Program Administrator, Gladstein Family Human Rights Institute