Alyssa Webb

Educational Program Administrator, Gladstein Family Human Rights Institute

Alyssa Webb  is a dedicated academic advisor who specializes in administering a human rights approach to educational programming. With over a decade of experience working in higher education, Alyssa knows that student retention and program growth is driven by how well educational institutions connect with and respond to the needs of the communities they serve.  As HRI’s educational programming administrator, Alyssa is committed to designing and running programs that prioritize student empowerment, and that create unique, transformational learning opportunities that prepare our students for the dynamic and competitive post-graduate work environment.

Alyssa holds BA and MA degrees in political science, a graduate certificate in human rights, and a Ph.D. in political science. Alyssa’s graduate research has focused on economic and social rights, specifically the right to housing and the relationship between perceptions of homelessness and the mobilization of political action in the international system.