Research Program on Economic and Social Rights

About the Program

For over a decade, more than a dozen UConn faculty together with upwards of 30 affiliated scholars across the United States and Canada, have built a program on economic and social rights that has generated numerous graduate and undergraduate courses, several edited volumes, multiple co-authored articles, and a National Science Foundation funded Socio-Economic Rights Fulfillment Index (SERF Index).

The centerpiece of the program is the Economic & Social Rights Group (ESRG), an interdisciplinary monthly gathering of faculty  and graduate students who meet to share ongoing research and to discuss current scholarship in this area.

In addition to monthly meetings and an Economic Rights Working Paper Series, the ESRG hosts an annual one-day thematically oriented workshop involving all our Affiliated members as well as an annual public lecture by a leading figure in the field (past speakers include Philip Alston and Immanuel Wallerstein).

For more information, or if you are interested in being part of the Research Program on Economic & Social Rights, please contact Professor Shareen Hertel or Professor Prakash Kashwan