Sahil Laul

Digital Media Producer, Human Rights Institute

Sahil Laul began working for the Human Rights Institute as a Digital Media Producer in April 2019 during the Human Rights and Politics of Solidarity Conference where he provided multimedia coverage and helped document the legacy of Wiktor Osiatyński. He was later brought on by the Office of Global Partnerships and Outreach to provide multimedia coverage for the Abrahamic Traditions and Environmental Change Conference in June 2019. He has been actively involved with Dodd Impact, contributing to films documenting the history of the Dodd Center for Human Rights and assisting with a course on Visual Storytelling Through Human Rights Archives.

Prior to joining the Human Rights Institute, he earned dual-degrees in Molecular & Cell Biology and Global Health and minors in Spanish and Anthropology from the University of Connecticut. He discovered his passion for film after he received an IDEA grant to document the influence of language, culture, history, and politics on the Catalan Independence Movement and completed a documentary film entitled Kwizera: A Story of Hope Born from Resilience as a part of Professor Catherine Masud’s course, Social Documentary in Theory and Practice. Outside of his work with the Human Rights Institute, he is a member of the South Asia Peace Action Network (SAPAN), an independent documentary filmmaker, and has had the privilege to assist with films in association with MTV, Firelight Media, HBO/IFP, Rough House Pictures, ITVS (Independent Lens), IDA, The Guggenheim Fellowship, and the LEF Foundation. Sahil is also a Founder of the UConn TIP Digital company Social Labs, an incubator for social impact innovation acting at the nexus of the arts, sciences, and humanities, where he is currently working on a solution to overcome challenges in the news and media landscape through a citizen journalism and digital archival platform.

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