Marsha Lilien Gladstein Visiting Professor of Human Rights

The Marsha Lilien Gladstein Visiting Professor of Human Rights

The Gladstein Visiting Professor is a distinguished scholar with an international standing in the study of human rights, who participates in a 10 day visit to the Human Rights Institute. During that time, he or she delivers a major public lecture, teaches a seminar in his or her specialty, and consults with the faculty and graduate students of the research programs.

The annual visiting Gladstein Professor is chosen by the multi-disciplinary Gladstein Committee which includes faculty from the humanities, social sciences and law school. The Gladstein Committee is engaged in an ongoing process of assessing how UConn can best contribute to the field of human rights, and it seeks to create academic programs that build upon UConn’s strengths in faculty research and archival resources.


2018-2019 Marsha Lilien Gladstein Visiting Professor of Human Rights

André Keet

André worked in national human rights institutions in post 1994 South Africa before joining the University of Fort Hare in October 2008. He also spent time at the University of the Free State as Director of the Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice, advisor to the university president and as Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and External Relations. He is an acknowledged social justice researcher, higher education transformation practitioner and academic citizen. André is presently the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation at Nelson Mandela University, the Chairperson of the Ministerial Oversight Committee on Transformation in South African Public Universities, Member of the Council on Higher Education, and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality, Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University in the UK.