Research Program on Humanitarianism

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About The Program

The Research Program on Humanitarianism (RPH) brings together faculty from across the CLAS humanities and social sciences departments as well as faculty from Social Work, Law and Fine Arts in an ongoing discussion on the experiences of humanitarian crisis and action, and the analytical and creative engagements that reflect on them. The program runs two faculty study groups and also sponsors public events open to faculty and students. RPH crystallizes the humanities components of the human rights program and brings the contributions of the humanities—history, art history, literature, and philosophy—as well as the more qualitative social sciences into the mainstream of human rights discourse. Building on the core belief that humanistic approaches are necessary to understand the major humanitarian crises facing global society, its goal is to create space for interdisciplinary dialogue on issues generally dominated by perspectives from law, policy, and political science.

For more information, or if you are interested in being part of the Research Program on Humanitarianism, please contact Director Sarah Winter, Professor of English.

Historical Foundations of RPH

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