Research Program on Humanitarianism

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About The Program

The Research Program on Humanitarianism (RPH) brings together UConn faculty from across the humanities and social sciences departments as well from Social Work and Law in an ongoing discussion on the history and experience of humanitarian crisis and action, and the analytical and creative engagements that reflect on them. RPH builds on the core belief that humanistic approaches are vital to understanding the major humanitarian crises facing global society and to human rights discourse more broadly. The program runs two faculty study groups: the RPH Forum and the History of Human Rights and Humanitarianism Colloquium. RPH sponsors public events open to faculty and students, including the Magnet Scholar Program.

The RPH Forum creates a space for interdisciplinary dialogue on issues that require perspectives and expertise from multiple fields. Contributors represent the fields of history, art history, literature, critical theory, philosophy, political theory, anthropology, sociology, and law.

For more information, contact Program Director Dr. Sarah Winter

The History of Human Rights and Humanitarianism Colloquium is an interdisciplinary forum for studying rights and responsibilities in political society over time. It regularly collaborates with the Human Rights Institute’s other research programs to explore the significance of historical understanding to their fields and to the protection of rights today. The Colloquium hosts a faculty reading group, faculty workshops, and guest presentations.

For more information, contact Program Director Dr. Sara Silverstein

RPH’s Magnet Scholar Program brings visiting scholars to UConn each year to lead a series of seminars on current research topics.
Past RPH Magnet scholars include:
Bruce Robbins (Columbia)
Amanda Anderson (Brown)
Susan Brison (Dartmouth)
Ian Baucom (University of Virginia)
Ariella Azoulay (Brown)
Timothy Bewes (Brown)
Elizabeth S. Anker (Cornell)
Michael Barnett (George Washington University)
Margaret Moore (Queen’s University, Canada)
Carolyn Dean (Yale)

For more information, or if you are interested in being part of the Research Program on Humanitarianism, please contact the Program Directors: Sarah Winter, Professor of English & Sara Silverstein, Professor of History.