Past Events

The Human Rights Institute regularly hosts major international conferences. From our 2004 conference on Human Rights in an Age of Terrorism to Contexts of  Human Rights in 2013, the Institute has attracted guests such as Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Geoffrey Robertson, leading Australian human rights lawyer, Aryeh Neier, the founder of Human Rights Watch, and Richard Goldstone, South African High Court Judge.

Our aim is to provide a venue for faculty and students to engage and network with national and international visitors.

We have aspired to organize conferences that provide a genuine venue for critical and productive feedback on works in progress, and to share ideas for future research projects. The Institute also aims to provide access to the most current research in the field and to inspire participants along new intellectual and research trajectories. Generating open and genuine dialogue has been central to the philosophy and ambition of not only our conferences, but our Monday Human Rights Seminar Series, workshops, reading groups and faculty research groups.

Please follow the links below to learn more about the conferences previously hosted by the University of Connecticut:

2004: Human Rights in an Age of Terrorism

2005: Economic Rights –  Conceptual Measurement, and Policy Issues

2006: Humanitarian Responses to Narratives of Inflicted Suffering

2008: In the Balance – Humanitarianism and Responsibility

2009: Human Rights in the USA

2013: 10th Anniversary Conference – Contexts of Human Rights