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The Extremist Watchdog: Meet the Husky Who Tracks Online Hat...

BY Jackson, Rachel

September 3, 2021

Alum Establishes Human Rights Award for UConn Law Students

BY Jackson, Rachel

July 13, 2021

Graduate Alumni Update: Jack Barry

BY MacDonald, Erica

December 10, 2019

Graduate Alumni Update: Ute Reisinger

BY MacDonald, Erica

November 20, 2019

2018 Internship Spotlight: Matheus Souza at CEJIL

BY Jackson, Rachel

October 15, 2018

2017 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Tatyana Marugg at the Croa...

BY Jackson, Rachel

December 5, 2017

Image from Ariana Scurti's internship description web page. Image of Ariana Scurti

2017 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Ariana Scurti at SAI

BY Jackson, Rachel

July 11, 2017

Mike Brand

Alumni Update: Mike Brand ’07, Human Rights Minor

BY Brian Dunnigan

March 23, 2016

Joshua Litwin

Alumni Update: Joshua Litwin ‘07, Human Rights Minor

BY Brian Dunnigan

January 6, 2016

Image of Andrew posing in front of a wall with the freedom house logo on it.

Alumni Update: Andrew Oravecz, Class of 2015

BY Brian Dunnigan

November 18, 2015

Image is of Mike Brand and his family at the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village. Image is of thirteen youths.

Alumni Reflection: Mike Brand

BY Brian Dunnigan

August 6, 2013

Image is of a see-through panel with grass and a building in the backround. The panel describes women's experiences. Four women are pictured at the bottom of the panel. The picture was taken at the courtyard of constitution hill.

Alumni Reflection: Julie Friedlander

BY Brian Dunnigan

July 6, 2013

Image is of two women who are Uconn Human Rights alumni. Hoin Choi is on the left and Tanyella is on the right. They are at posing in front of a poster that reads "Welcome to dbw - digital books world conference"

Alumni Spotlight: Hoin Choi, Library for All

BY Brian Dunnigan

June 14, 2013

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