Zahrasadat Sadeghi

Graduate Assistant

Dodd Impact

Zahra Sadeghi is a first-year graduate assistant in digital media and design at the University of Connecticut. She studied cinema and received her BA from Sooreh University (Tehran, Iran) in 2014. Sadeghi has been working professionally in the film industry for ten years and has extensive acting experience in feature films, stage theater, and documentaries, as well as film editing. She has a certificate of acting from Karname Institute, one of the most famous film institutes in Iran, as well as a film editing certificate from the University of Tehran. She was a supporting actor (Fariba) in Ziba, which was nominated at the Dubai and Rotterdam Film Festivals in 2012. She also had a supporting role in Morning Is Close in 2015. Additionally, she played Mahsa in the critically acclaimed play “The Blue Feeling of Death” in 2013. This play received positive feedback from various media channels, including the BBC. It focuses on the death penalty in Iran, particularly underage execution, and how artists can change cultural attitudes. Additionally, she wrote and directed her first short film, Contrition Was a Joy Without You, in 2014. This film is based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Oscar Wild’s Salome. Loneliness, madness, and the desperation of humans in modern life are her favorite topics and they were the central ideas in this film. Her current research interests are documentary filmmaking and short films exploring the loneliness of humans in modern life, women’s rights, and children’s rights.