This internship is given to an outstanding human rights undergraduate student to complete a summer internship at Witness in New York, NY.

WITNESS is a media centric advocacy institution that has been in existence since 1992. Students involved in this internship will observe first-hand the practice of utilizing media to promote human rights advocacy. The internship with WITNESS is in Social Media Outreach and will help WITNESS promote their initiatives/campaigns and engage with their social media following.

This eight-week learning immersion experience is awarded to an outstanding human rights undergraduate student completing a summer internship at WITNESS in New York, NY. A $5,000 scholarship is provided to assist with expenses related to the internship. Open only to Human Rights Majors.

Students interested in using video and storytelling in advocating for human rights around the world should consider this internship.

More information about the Summer 2015 internship at WITNESS can be found here.

For more information about the application process, click here.

2018 WITNESS Intern: Izzy Ostrowski

Izzy OstrowskiIzzy Ostrowski is a junior majoring in Sociology and Human Rights with a double minor in Public Policy and Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Connecticut. This year she has served in a student leader position as the program director for the Windham Region No Freeze Homeless Shelter in Willimantic, CT and served as the First Year Experience Mentor for the Human Rights and Action Learning Community. Her experience working in the homeless shelter and serving as an intern to New Horizons Domestic Violence Shelter and Services in Middletown, CT left her with an even greater interest in children’s rights and the rights of those who are affected by homelessness. Her participation on an HIV/AIDS Advocacy and Awareness alternative break in New York City during her sophomore year led Izzy to her passion for increasing awareness about the global AIDS epidemic. Being a camp counselor at Camp AmeriKids, a camp for children living with HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease, as well as working with harm reduction centers, are opportunities she is incredibly grateful for. Izzy will be graduating a semester early in December after studying abroad at Mahidol International University in Thailand for the fall semester. She hopes to complete a human rights based internship in Thailand that is centered around the issue of sex trafficking in relation to the spread of HIV/AIDS. Izzy plans to continue on to graduate school in the fall of 2019 for her Master’s degree and to continually work on human rights advocacy and outreach.

To read more about Izzy’s experience interning at WITNESS, please see here.

2017 WITNESS Intern: Emily Steck

Steck, EmilyEmily is a junior majoring in Political Science and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. Emily’s main areas of interest within the realm of human rights include sustainable activism, environmental justice, and women’s rights. In order to pursue these interests Emily served as a UNESCO Student Ambassador for Human Rights as a freshman, going on to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in spring of her sophomore year.

In Cape Town she began work as an intern for Prevention in Action, a women’s group aimed at addressing the prevalence of violence against women in communities outside of the city. After returning from South Africa Emily assisted in the founding of UConn’s Student Coalition for Social Justice and currently serves as their Director of Communications. As a junior Emily received a SHARE Award through the Political Science Department to conduct research with associate Professor Veronica Herrera on collective action, environmental injustice, and river pollution. After graduation Emily hopes to continue working on human rights advocacy and outreach.

To read more about Emily’s experience interning at WITNESS, please see here.

2016 Intern at WITNESS | Julia Silverstein

Julia Silverstein interned for WITNESS over the summer of 2016. She is a rising junior studying philosophy and human rights, and hopes to participate in the Human Rights Winter abroad program in Costa Rica.

At UConn, Julia is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta honors society and, through them, participates in many events, fundraisers, and other community service projects. She was a member of the University Symphony during the 2014-2015 season, and hopes to continue playing with them. Julia also tutors high school students in history, literature, and various instruments including violin, viola, and cello.

Throughout high school, Julia participated in debate competitions. Through the debate program, she developed a passion for philosophy, law, and logical argumentation. After graduating from UConn with Bachelor degrees in philosophy and human rights, she hopes to go on to law school to focus on constitutional law and its effect on social justice.

2015 Intern at WITNESS | John Kitching

IMG_4550John Kitching is a rising senior at the University of Connecticut. He was the intern in the social media department at Witness over the summer of 2015. John is a double major in Political Science and Human Rights. He has participated in the Human Rights abroad program in London in the fall of 2014 and hopes to participate in the Human Rights Winter abroad program in Costa Rica over the winter.

In London, John interned for a social media activism organization called Migrant Voice. As an organization that focuses on giving migrants within the United Kingdom an opportunity to promote their rights, John helped to write and edit research reports and blog posts as well as aid in teaching European migrants skills in writing, video making, and social media. John is looking forward to continuing working to encourage the promotion of human rights through social media. After graduation, John hopes to travel as well as attend graduate school for secondary education to pursue a career in teaching human rights at a high school level. He also aspires to teach Southern and Central American migrants skills in US civics.


Kat Connelly is a rising junior at the University of Connecticut. She was an intern in the social media department at Witness over the summer of 2014. Kat is a double major in Communication and Human Rights. She hopes to study abroad in South Africa and New Zealand before graduating.

Kat has worked as a student written communications specialist and photographer at the University Communications and Student Activities Office of Involvement and Leadership Programs. She currently works as a social media assistant at the Center for Career Development and a photojournalist for Community Outreach in Fall 2014. During the Fall 2013 semester, Kat worked with an independent study class on the exhibition “Making the Movement Move: Photography, Student Activism, and Civil Rights” which was located in the William Benton Museum of Art from January to March 2014. She is a member of Habitat for Humanity and participated in a Spring 2014 alternative break to Gulfport, Mississippi and a sister of Pi Beta Phi. Upon graduation, Kat hopes to pursue a career in international human rights advocacy or photojournalism for a nonprofit organization.

CamilleCamille Kritzman is a senior at the University of Connecticut. She was an intern in the social media department at Witness over the summer of 2013. Camille is a double major in Latin American Studies and Psychology, with a minor in Human Rights. She has had the opportunity to study abroad for over a year in Latin America, in both Guatemala and Chile.

Camille has started an on-campus organization called Good Stuff Good Works, a student organization focused on selling woven goods made by Guatemalan female entrepreneurs. Camille is writing her honors thesis on adolescent Latinas in Connecticut and mental health. Upon graduation, Camille hopes to pursue a career in human rights and immigration policy, and go on to graduate studies.