This internship is given to an outstanding human rights undergraduate student to complete a summer internship at Witness in New York, NY.

2019 WITNESS Intern

Mariana Pelaez

Political Science & Human Rights


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WITNESS is a media centric advocacy institution that has been in existence since 1992. Students involved in this internship will observe first-hand the practice of utilizing media to promote human rights advocacy. The internship with WITNESS is in Social Media Outreach and will help WITNESS promote their initiatives/campaigns and engage with their social media following.

This eight-week learning immersion experience is awarded to an outstanding human rights undergraduate student completing a summer internship at WITNESS in New York, NY. A $5,000 scholarship is provided to assist with expenses related to the internship. Open only to Human Rights Majors.

Students interested in using video and storytelling in advocating for human rights around the world should consider this internship.

More information about the Summer 2015 internship at WITNESS can be found here.

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