Universitas Summer School 2013

Conference Description

The 2013 U21 Summer School at the University of Connecticut will offer participating students and staff members the opportunity to think critically about the place of human rights in our world at the beginning of the 21st century.  Guided and encouraged by leading human rights scholars from around the world, students will attend lectures, participate in discussions, and conduct archival research on the origins and issues of the contemporary human rights system.  The UCONN Summer School will include fieldtrips to the United Nations Headquarters and major human rights NGO offices in New York City, and hands-on experiences with local human rights agencies and activists in Connecticut.  Participants will also attend a specially produced theatrical performance designed to challenge their thinking about the ethics and aesthetics of human rights.  Students will complete the UCONN Summer School by developing and presenting collaborative projects based on their experiences.

Participants will depart the 2013 U21 Summer School having examined some of the key issues and controversies in contemporary human rights scholarship.  Their interactions with activists and officials at both the global and local levels will give participants a sense of the opportunities and obstacles faced by those pursuing human rights goals.   And finally, through their experiences working to understand, interpret, and present the particular issues that matter to them, students will leave prepared to continue their engagement with human rights approaches in their home countries and institutions.

Organized by the Human Rights Institute and the Office of Global Affairs