Undergraduate Programs in Human Rights

The University of Connecticut offers both a major or minor in human rights. Explore this section of the Human Rights Institute’s website to learn more about how human rights can become part of your undergraduate education.

The Study of Human Rights

What are human rights? How has the concept of human rights evolved? How and why have human rights been violated, both in the United States and abroad? How have people struggled against human rights violations and with what success? What protections against violations of human rights exist, and how can these protections be enhanced and made more effective? These are the type of questions that human rights students are encouraged to pursue. In the human rights major and minor, students receive interdisciplinary instruction in theoretical, comparative, and historical perspectives on human rights through classroom courses and gain valuable practical experience in the human rights field through a supervised internship.

Major in Human Rights
Minor in Human Rights
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Prospective Students

Students who are interested in learning about the process and benefits of pursuing a degree in human rights at the university level are encouraged to contact program staff for detailed information. General inquiries can also be directed to the Human Rights Institute at humanrights@uconn.edu.

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Wondering what you can do with a major or minor in Human Rights? Learn more about what our alumni are currently doing upon graduation with the skills learned from studying Human Rights at UConn.