OutRight Action International

This internship is given to an outstanding human rights undergraduate major to complete a summer internship at OutRight Action International in New York, NY.

2019 OutRight International Intern

Daniella Angulo

English, Human Rights, & Political Science



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OutRight seeks to advance human rights and opportunities for LGBTIQ people around the world by developing critical partnerships at global, regional, and national levels to build capacity, document violations, advocate for inclusion and equality, and hold leaders accountable for protecting the rights of all LGBTIQ people.

This eight-week learning immersion experience is with the Communications Team in the New York office of OutRight.  A $5,000 scholarship is provided to assist with expenses related to the internship.  The placement is only open to Human Rights Majors.

More about the internship:

Communications interns will gain hands-on experience in non-profit communications work, including media relations, message development, publication and media outlet monitoring, media production, editing and translation. Responsibilities will vary according to departmental needs but may include: monitoring news outlets; editing web communications, and reports; maintaining the press contact database; writing articles; contacting journalists about potential stories; research for digital media strategy and target audiences; social media-related activities; or planning events.

Skills Acquired:

  • Experience as a digital journalist for school or other newspaper to produce 300 to 400 word blog on OutRight issues with subject guidance,
  • help with digital media distribution for online marketing and social media,
  • ability to synthesize material to help produce weekly news roundup / copy editing skills
  • research, as needed for opeds, info graphics, press releases
  • interest in/familiarity with global media to create lists for media work.
  • interest in graphic/web design and media making a plus

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