Human Rights Program Funding

Formerly known as the Human Rights Initiative, this program has funded speakers, films, workshops, art exhibits and theatrical productions. Applications will be accepted from university departments, faculty, student groups, institutes and cultural centers from all UConn campuses.

Criteria For Funding:

Funds will normally be limited to a maximum of $2,000 per program. Under exceptional circumstances, the committee may approve a higher amount depending upon the significance of the speaker or event.

Types of Events Eligible for Support:

Funding is available to pay for speaker’s honoraria, speaker travel and meals, for group performances, round table discussions, programs, or promotional materials.

Who May Apply:

Funding will be available to representatives of university departments, schools, colleges, student groups, institutes, and cultural centers.

Criteria for Selection:

A faculty and student review committee will consider the following criteria when selecting what organizations will receive funding:

  • Clear focus on human rights
  • Creates, fosters and/or expands an interest in human rights
  • Quality of speaker or event
  • Interdisciplinary appeal
  • Appeal to students, faculty, and general public
  • Practical, feasible, well-planned event
  • Reasonable cost and proportional to the impact of event

Please contact Rachel Jackson at 860-486-5393 or via email at, if you have questions.