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Human Rights and Action Learning Community

Interested in learning more about human rights in practice? Want to engage in community service projects with your peers on human rights issues? Join the Human Rights and Action Learning Community!


Mission: In partnership with Community Outreach and the Human Rights Institute, the Human Rights & Action Learning Community engages participants through academic, experiential, and residential activities designed to enhance their understanding of social justice, diversity, and civic responsibility. Service experiences and immersion programs provide practical forums that foster a greater understanding of individual values, community issues, and the principles necessary for active citizenship.

HRALC Group Photo

Who Can Apply: First-year and sophomore undergraduate students interested in human rights.

Location: Eddy Hall (Alumni)

Co-Directors: Dr. Tom DeansGina DeVivo-Brassaw

For more information, please see the Learning Community Website at or contact the Program Directors.


Castella Copeland
Human Rights and Action Learning Community, RA

Castella Copeland“The Human Rights and Action House strives to help students bring human rights theory to practice. It’s an opportunity to establish yourself more on campus, and a great space to connect with people and more opportunities to connect on different levels. These relationships formed within the learning communities are life-long. The unique cross-discipline approach to the HRALC establishes connections both professional and personal to human rights in various capacities. The programs we do aim to help students see how we all impact each other, and then how the students can impact the community.”


Skylar Wright HRALC

“The community has really opened my eyes to the injustices that exist all over the world. When we think of human rights, it’s usually framed in such a way that it seems like a distant problem—not something we deal with in the United States. However, there are clearly human rights violations that happen very close to home. So in general, the HRALC has given me a new perspective on exactly what human rights are and why we should care about them. I’ve also gotten to meet and work with some very dedicated and passionate individuals on many different levels. They have all had a very positive impact on my experience with the HRALC.”