Members & Affiliates


Shareen Hertel, (Political Science and Human Rights): Social Mobilization on Economic and Labor Rights; Ethical Consumption

Prakash Kashwan(Political Science): Property Rights; Environmental conservation and human rights; Institutional analysis

UCONN Faculty Members

Jack Barry, (GTDI, Global Training and Development Institute): The Right to Internet Access, Technology and Development, Microfinance, Poverty, Governance, and Social Movements
Oksan Bayulgen, (Political Science): Globalization and Democratization; Microcredit As a Human Right
Robert Bird,(Business): Business Law; Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Human Rights; Business and Human Rights; Corporate Social Responsibility; Business Ethics
Audrey Chapman, (Health Center): Health Rights; Globalization and Human Rights; Science and Human Rights
Lynne Healy, (Social Work): International Social Work; International Development and Human Rights
Blair Johnson, (Psychology): Health, Social, and Economic Rights; Women’s Rights; Rights Indexes in Relation to Public Health Outcomes
Derek Johnson, (Economics): Legal & Economic Analysis of Human Rights
Prakash Kashwan(Political Science): Property Rights; Environmental conservation and human rights; Institutional analysis
Molly Land (Law School and Human Rights Institute) International Human Rights Law; Technology, Science and Innovation; Intellectual Property
Kathryn Libal, (Social Work): Women’s and Children Rights; Refugees; Poverty and Human Rights in Wealthy States
Lanse Minkler, (Economics):  Right to Employment; Role of Constitutions; Measurement/ Budget Issues
Stephen Park, (Business): Financial Regulation and Corporate Social Reporting; International Trade Law and Global Supply Chains
Nishith Prakash, (Economics and Human Rights Institute): Gender Equality; Education for Girls; Crime; India
Susan Randolph, (Economics):  Measures of Economic Rights; Effect of Development Policies on Economic Rights
Lyle Scruggs(Political Science): Comparative Social Welfare Policy and Globalization; Social Insurance Policy Analysis

UCONN Graduate Student Members

Imge Akaslan, (Political Science)
Erica MacDonald, (Political Science)
Alyssa Webb, (Political Science)

Economic & Social Rights Group Affiliates

Affiliates are academics within the larger scholarly community who actively participate in our program.

Catherine Albisa, (NESRI): Constitutional and Human Rights Law: Analysis of the Right to Health
Radhika Balakrishnan, (Rutgers, Women’s and Gender Studies): Gender and Development; Budgetary Analysis from a Human Rights Perspective
Kristy A. Belton, Associate Director of Academic Development, International Studies Association
Salil Benegal, (DePauw University): Environmental Rights, and Politics of Economic Inequality
Catherine Buerger, (Dangerous Speech Project): Human rights education and activism, interactions between democracy, technology, culture, and law
Benjamin Carbonetti, (Trinity College): State Capacity and Repression, Environmental Human Rights, International Law
Christina Chiarelli-Helminiak, (West Chester University, Graduate Social Work Department): Burnout, Human Rights Education, Immigrant Civic Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Social Work.
Chad Clay, (University of Georgia, Department of International Affairs): Labor Rights; Human Rights Measurement; International Diffusion; Economic Coercion
Allison Corkery, (Center for Economic & Social Rights, New York): Economic and Social Rights, Human Rights Research Methodology, Human Rights Accountability Mechanisms and Rights-Based Development.
Diane F. Frey, (San Francisco State University): International Labor Standards, Right to Decent Work, Union Rights
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, (New School, International Affairs): Measures of Economic Rights; Analysis of Global Financing for Development
Michael Goodhart, (Pittsburgh, Political Science): Democracy and Globalization; Basic Income Guarantees; Economic Injustice
Mark Gibney, (North Carolina- Ashville, Political Science): Extraterritorial Obligations
Philip Harvey, (Rutgers, Law): Right to Employment; Labor Rights
Patrick Heidkamp, (Southern Connecticut State, Geography): Economic Geography; Globalization; Ethical Consumption and Alternative Trade; Environmental Sustainability
Richard Hiskes, (Grand Valley State University, MI): Political Science; Economic Rights; Environmental Rights; Theory of human rights
Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada: Right to Food, Economic Human Rights, Development and Globalization
Christopher Jeffords, (Indiana University of Pennsylvania): Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Environmental Human Rights
Elizabeth Kaletski(Ithaca College, Department of Economics) Economic Development, Labor Rights, Child Labor
Gillian MacNaughton, (University of Massachusett Boston): Equality and Social Rights; Right to Health; Right to Decent Work
Ken Neubeck, (UCONN Emeritus, Sociology): Economic Human Rights and Welfare Policies; Human Rights in the U.S.; Local Community Implementation of Human Rights
Sanjay Reddy, (New School, Economics): Political Economy; Development; Welfare Economics; Inequality and Poverty
Lea Shaver, (IU McKinney School of Law): Right to Science and Culture, Intellectual Property, Right to Read
Shawna Sweeney,(UMASS-Dartmouth, Public Policy): Women’s Economic Rights; Measurement Issues
Corinne Tagliarina (Utica College): Right to Water, Laws and Policy, Human Rights Education
Rachel Wahl, (University of Virginia Curry School of Education): Human Rights Education and Advocacy; State Violence and Prevention of Torture; Liberalism and Competing Conceptions of Justice and Goodness
Daniel J. Whelan, (Hendrix College): historical development of human rights norms and institutions; human rights and development; justiciability of economic and social rights.
Inga Winkler, Scholar in residence, NYU, Center for Human Rights and Global Justice; Human rights to water and sanitation, substantive equality, gender, monitoring inequalities
Katharine G. Young (Associate Professor of Law, Boston College): Economic and Social Rights; Comparative Constitutional Law: Judicial Review
Christian Zimmermann, (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis): Redistribution; Unemployment

ESRG Graduate Student Affiliates

Konstantinos (Kostas) Koutsioumpas,(University of Massachusetts Boston): Right to Sport, Physical Activity and Play, Right to Health, Indigenous Rights
Christopher Raymond (Cornell University, Industrial & Labor Relations): labor rights, freedom of association, trade unions

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