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Ewa Woydyłło and Wiktor Osiatyński at Euro Pride Warsaw 2010

In Memory of Wiktor Osiatynski

BY Brian Dunnigan

May 31, 2017

Photo of Eric Tars

Lunchtime Seminar with Eric Tars, NLCHP

BY Brian Dunnigan

April 19, 2016

Image is of the main human rights brochure cover. Left of the image has a photo of three people outside taking a scientific measurement. The center of the brochure cover has an unshaded circle with the words "Human Rights + You" inside of it. Right of the image has a scientist taking a sample from a test tube. The very bottom of the image has the words, "Human Rights Minor > Major Impact" "UCONN/University of Connecticut" and "Human Rights Institute." There is also the logo of the human rights institute next to the text.

Double Major Approach

BY Brian Dunnigan

December 10, 2015

Image is made up of four pictures with the words, "Human Rights + YOU" in the center. Left picture is of a theater production. Center left photo is of a woman working in a field. Center right picture is of a man working in a medical setting. Right photo is of a close up of a human rights book.

Interdisciplinary Commitment

BY Brian Dunnigan

November 15, 2015

Upcoming Event

BY Brian Dunnigan

November 11, 2015

Image is made up of two photos and the words, "Human Rights + YOU" in the center. Left photo is of a woman speaking in front of a class. Right photo is of the same woman smiling while studying.

Graduate Certificate in Human Rights

BY Brian Dunnigan

September 10, 2014

Image is of header; Left of the header has text that reads, "Sam Moyn - The Political Origins of Global Injustice" and "October 28, 2014." Left of the image has a picture of Sam Moyn

Upcoming Events

BY Brian Dunnigan

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