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Human Rights & Action Learning Community Welcomes New Fa...

BY Jackson, Rachel

September 10, 2020

2020 HRI Undergraduate Scholarship Awardees

BY Jackson, Rachel

June 30, 2020

Student Reflections on Internships During the Time of COVID

BY Jackson, Rachel

June 2, 2020

2019 Summer Internship Spotlight: Guerdely Jean

BY Alyssa Webb

February 5, 2020

2019 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Mar Pelaez at WITNESS

BY Alyssa Webb

November 29, 2019

2019 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Daniella Angulo at OutRigh...

BY Alyssa Webb

October 1, 2019

HRI Logo

2019 HRI Scholarship Recipients

BY Alyssa Webb

September 10, 2019

2019 Summer Internship Fellows

BY Jackson, Rachel

May 2, 2019

Arianna Diaz

2018 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Arianna Diaz in Croatia

BY Alyssa Webb

October 18, 2018

2018 Internship Spotlight: Matheus Souza at CEJIL

BY Jackson, Rachel

October 15, 2018

2018 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Izzy Ostrowski at WITNESS

BY Jackson, Rachel

Emily Dodson

2018 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Emily Dodson

BY Alyssa Webb

September 18, 2018

Human Rights and the Supply Chain

BY Jackson, Rachel

September 12, 2018

tahreem ali

2018 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Tahreem Ali at the BHRRC

BY Alyssa Webb

August 18, 2018

UConn Human Rights Major Joseline Tlacomulco (19″) Hon...

BY Jackson, Rachel

March 23, 2018

double major

Teaching Innovations: Human Rights & Engineering

BY Jackson, Rachel

January 3, 2018

Photo of Meeting in Progress

2017 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Melisa Jahic at the Croati...

BY Jackson, Rachel

December 5, 2017

2017 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Emily Steck at WITNESS

BY Jackson, Rachel

December 1, 2017

2017 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Carolina Lemos (Individual...

BY Jackson, Rachel

Image from Ariana Scurti's internship description web page. Image of Ariana Scurti

2017 Internship Fellow Spotlight: Ariana Scurti at SAI

BY Jackson, Rachel

July 11, 2017

Image is from Jillianne Lyon's internship description web page. Image of Jillianne Lyon.

2017 Internship Spotlight: Jillianne Lyon at the BHRRC

BY Jackson, Rachel

June 15, 2017

Group Photo of Human Rights and Action Leadership Community Students

Human Rights and Action Learning Community

BY Brian Dunnigan

May 13, 2016

Asahi Hoque

Asahi Hoque '16 Critiques Approach to Women's Heal...

BY Brian Dunnigan

April 28, 2016

Image of human rights logo

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Course Offerings

BY Brian Dunnigan

March 29, 2016

Image of human rights logo

New Summer 2016 Course: Theory and Practice of International...

BY Brian Dunnigan

Image of human rights logo

Fall 2016 Study Abroad Opportunities for Human Rights Studen...

BY Brian Dunnigan

March 28, 2016

Image of Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Katherine Bottieri—A Student’s Perspective on Studying A...

BY Brian Dunnigan

March 22, 2016

Image of Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Students Participate in Study Abroad Program on Sustainable ...

BY Brian Dunnigan

January 26, 2016

Image of Andrew posing in front of a wall with the freedom house logo on it.

Alumni Update: Andrew Oravecz, Class of 2015

BY Brian Dunnigan

November 18, 2015

Image is a logo. Left of the logo is a picture of lines making up a half-sphere shape. Right of the logo has the words, "Business & Human Rights Resource Center."

Andrew Lerch, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

BY Brian Dunnigan

March 11, 2015

Image is a picture of a man not facing the camera. He is looking sideways at a white board, which has words such as "human trafficking" "globalization" and "college" written on it.

RJ Anderson, Intern at Bangalore Mediation Center

BY Brian Dunnigan

January 7, 2015

Image is a picture of a banner, which reads, "Windham AIDS Program"

Katharine Cioe, Windham AIDS Program Intern

BY Brian Dunnigan

December 18, 2014

image is a close up of a page of a book on human rights

2014 Human Rights Institute Funding Recipients

BY Brian Dunnigan

September 15, 2014

Image of graduation caps thrown in the air. A few student hands holding diplomas are visible as well

Graduating Class of 2014 in Human Rights: Congratulations!

BY Brian Dunnigan

May 7, 2014

Top left of the image has a picture of the head of the Statue of Liberty. Top right of the image has text that reads, "ACLU." Bottom of the image has text that reads, "American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut"

Undergraduate Internship Experience: ACLU of Connecticut

BY Brian Dunnigan

April 30, 2014

Image is of CWEALF logo. On the left a several curved lines and a shaded circle that form the likeness of a person. On the right are the words, "CWEALF - Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund"

CT Women’s Education and Legal Fund

BY Brian Dunnigan

April 28, 2014

Image taken during student internship; image is of a Hindu temple taken in Bangalore, India.

Bangalore Mediation Centre Internship Experience

BY Brian Dunnigan

March 26, 2014

Image is of a logo. The left of the logo has a non-detailed image of a child with their arms raised and a circle around them. The the right of the image, text reads "Save the Children"

Undergrad Internship at Save the Children: Kate Harris

BY Brian Dunnigan

February 10, 2014

Image is from student internship reflection. The left of the image has, going from top to bottom: a closeup of a man closing his eyes, the word "WITNESS," and a closeup of a man opening his eyes. The right side of the image has the text, "SEE IT, FILM IT, CHANGE IT."

Undergraduate Internship Report: Witness

BY Brian Dunnigan

December 4, 2013

Image of Meika Freeman and three other interns sitting next to a body of water, in front of a building. Image taken during Freeman's internship at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands

Undergrad Internship Update at the ICTY: Meika Freeman

BY Brian Dunnigan

November 12, 2013

Image is from a Human Rights Conference. Image reads "Context of Human Rights - an international conference" & “September 19-21, 2013” on the left There is a large "X" on the right side of the image

10th Anniversary Conference Avaliable to Stream

BY Brian Dunnigan

October 8, 2013

Image is of two women, Sharon Hwang (left) and Molly Rockett (right). They are pictured sitting, in front of a fence and a building

Human Rights Major and Alumni Profiled by UConn Today

BY Brian Dunnigan

Image from an internship reflection. Image is text that reads "WOMEN + GIRLS = POTENTIAL"

Internship Reflection: Women Moving Millions

BY Brian Dunnigan

September 24, 2013

Image is of Mike Brand and his family at the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village. Image is of thirteen youths.

Alumni Reflection: Mike Brand

BY Brian Dunnigan

August 6, 2013

Image is of a see-through panel with grass and a building in the backround. The panel describes women's experiences. Four women are pictured at the bottom of the panel. The picture was taken at the courtyard of constitution hill.

Alumni Reflection: Julie Friedlander

BY Brian Dunnigan

July 6, 2013

Image is of two women who are Uconn Human Rights alumni. Hoin Choi is on the left and Tanyella is on the right. They are at posing in front of a poster that reads "Welcome to dbw - digital books world conference"

Alumni Spotlight: Hoin Choi, Library for All

BY Brian Dunnigan

June 14, 2013

Image is of the Universitas 21 logo. Image has the word "UNIVERSITAS" at the top of picture and the top of a sphere at the bottom

The World is Coming to UConn to Learn About Human Rights!

BY Brian Dunnigan

May 16, 2013

Image is related to a student internship; image is of two people, one in the back-round and one in the foreground. The person in the foreground has their back to the camera, with a sign on their back. The sign says "occupy justice." Below the words on the sign there are handcuffs.

HRI Internship Reflection: Digital Media & Human Rights

BY Brian Dunnigan

February 28, 2013