Board of Overseers

The Board of Overseers of the Human Rights Institute is a consultative body that serves as a bridge between the Human Rights Institute and the community beyond campus boundaries. Although our overseers do not have fiduciary responsibility, the leadership of the Human Rights Institute  relies on our board to inform the work of the Institute. The Board helps the Institute to identify and achieve strategic objectives and priorities, to serve as a sounding board for the Human Rights Institute leadership, and expand the reputation of the Institute among prospective students, potential donors, professionals and other public organizations.

In addition, our Board of Overseers is an important component of a volunteer leadership structure and is essential to the University’s ability to engage volunteers at various levels.

Kaushik Basu
C. Marks Professor of International Studies and
Professor of Economics and Director,
Program on Comparative Economic Development: Cornell University

Michael Freeman
Professor Michael Freeman BA (Cambridge),
LLB (Stanford), PhD (Essex), University of Essex, UK

Richard Hiskes
Professor of Political Science, Grand Valley State University, MI

Bert Lockwood
Director of the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights
and University of Cincinnati Editor in Chief of Human Rights Quarterly

J. Paul Martin
Professor and Director of Human Rights Studies
at Barnard College, Columbia University

Celina Romany
Director, Center for Human Rights of the Inter-American
University School of Law, Puerto Rico

Laura Chapman Rubbo
Director, Responsible Governance & Supply Chain
The Walt Disney Company

Jeffrey Smith
Founding Director, Vanguard Africa
Class of 2003 Human Rights Alumni

Richard A. Wilson
Professor of Law and Anthropology at UConn Law School
Founding Director of the Human Rights Institute