2020 HRI Awards & Fellowship Announcements

The Human Rights Institute is proud to announce our 2019-2020 Faculty, Graduate, and Undergraduate funding recipients!

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2020 Seed Grant Recipient

Prakash Kashwan, Associate Professor,  Political Science

“Economic and Social Rights Outcomes in a Climate Changed World”

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2020 Small Faculty Grants for Human Rights Research Recipients

Gerlinde Berger-Walliser, Assistant Professor of Business Law

The Future of International Corporate Human Rights Litigation: A Transatlantic Comparison

Maria D. LaRusso, Assistant Professor in Human Development and Family Sciences

Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on PANS, Mental Health Symptoms, and Children’s Rights to a Healthy Development

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2020 Dissertation Writing Fellowship Fellowship Recipient

Erica MacDonald, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science

“Formally Informal: Sex Work, Stigma and Institutions” 

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2020 Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients

David Evans, PhD Candidate, Department of History

“Hunger for Rights: The Human Right to Food in the Post-War Era”

Mayte Restrepo-Ruiz, PhD Candidate in Public Health

“Intimate Partner Violence in Armed Conflict Contexts: The Case of Colombia”

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2020 Human Rights Research Grant Recipients

Mary Bugbee, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology

Topic: Tracing the Social Life of the Right to Health in Mexican Health System Reform

Vivian Laurens, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology

Topic: Examining the Link Between the Right to Health and Peacebuilding Efforts in Rural Colombia 

Samantha Lawrence, PhD Candidate, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

Topic: Discriminatory victimization of transgender and gender nonbinary (T&GN) youth

Mayte Restrepo-Ruiz, MA, MPH, PhD Candidate, Department of Public Health Sciences

Topic: Intimate Partner Violence in Contexts of Armed Conflict: The Case of Colombia

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2020 Scholarship Awardees

Natalie Casanova – Human Rights & Political Science – Open Society Foundation Award

Brianna Dyer –  Human Rights & Global Studies – Open Society Foundation Award

Vernessa Kingsbury – Human Rights & Anthropology – Open Society Foundation Award

Shreya Murthy –Human Rights Finance, & Criminology – Open Society Foundation Award

Aarushi Nohria – Human Rights & English – Alan B. Slifka Award

Megan Paige –Human Rights & Psychology – Wiktor Osiatynki Award

Melita Seibel  Human Rights & Communications – Open Society Foundation Award

Olivia Swanson – Human Rights & Natural Resources – Open Society Foundation Award

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