Engineering for Human Rights Initiative

Our “Engineering for Human Rights Initiative” is a collaborative venture between UConn School of Engineering and the UConn Human Rights Institute. Together, our faculty from multiple Engineering subfields along with faculty across the social sciences, humanities and law are developing joint teaching, research and training programs that engage undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and colleagues in the industry and nonprofit organizations.

Key priority research focus areas include:

  • Water, Health, and Food Security
  • Product Design, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management
  • Community Planning, Resilience, and Justice for a Changing Environment
  • Engineering Education and Accessibility Rights
  • Engineering Substances and Process Sustainability
  • Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Human Vulnerability

We use the human rights framework to develop socially-responsive technology solutions to existing and future challenges, including the socially disruptive impacts of emerging technologies. We drive new knowledge creation and new strategies for reducing harm and increasing access to rights by bridging the science and human rights divide across a range of industries, economic sectors, and locations – across the United States and beyond. For details on key faculty involved, our projects, and ways to become involved, please see our full program site:

Interested in studying Engineering & Human Rights?? Read more about the possibilities for incorporating human rights into your Engineering degree.

For information, contact:

Shareen Hertel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science & Human Rights
365 Fairfield Way, Unit 1024
Storrs, CT 06269-1024
Tel: 860 486 4129  Fax: 860 486 3347