2018 HRI Seed Grant Recipient: César E. Abadía-Barrero

The 2018 HRI Seed Grant has been awarded to César E. Abadía-Barrero, Assistant Professor in Human Rights and Anthropology, to support his current research project, Constructing the Right to Health, Peace, and “Buen Vivir” in Colombia


About the Project

My project Constructing the Right to Health, Peace, and “Buen Vivir”in Colombia will support the development of Red Saludpaz (Healthpeace Network), a network of scholars, universities, and human rights organizations dedicated to promoting one of the peace accord’s main points: the formulation of a National Plan for Rural Health. The plan should contain access to care, rehabilitation and reintegration, food security proposals and target the 19 rural areas deeply impacted by the armed conflict and designated as priority for the implementation of the peace accord. I will support the elaboration of the network’s platform and research portfolio as well as the preparation of specific research proposals to study the network’s and rural communities’ promotion of health as a human right.

About the Awardee

César Abadía-Barrero is a Medical Anthropologist whose research integrates different critical perspectives in the study of how for-profit interests transform access, continuity, and quality of health care. He has conducted action-oriented ethnographic and mixed-method research on health care policies and programs, human rights judicialization and advocacy, and social movements in health in Brazil and Colombia.