UConn Faculty: Consultants to the United Nations

UConn Expertise Helps Strengthen United Nations’ Global Initiatives on Responsible Business Conduct

Claire Hall

When a United Nations committee met last month in Geneva, Switzerland, to prepare new guidance on business and human rights, six UConn faculty offered suggestions to bolster the international treaty.

Stephen Park, a professor of business law and the director of the Business and Human Rights Initiative at UConn, collaborated with Audrey Chapman, professor of medical ethics and humanities; Shareen Hertel, associate professor of political science and human rights and co-director of the Economic and Social Rights Research Group; Molly Land, professor of law and human rights and associate director of the Human Rights Institute; Kathryn Libal, associate professor of social work and human rights and director of the Human Rights Institute, and Glenn Mitoma, assistant professor of education and human rights and director of the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. The team worked together over the past winter break to craft and submit written comments.

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