Double Major Approach

LEFT IMAGE: Student participating in a project of the Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources (EIWR) (School of Engineering) // RIGHT IMAGE: Student in a Chemistry Lab (FL GAYLOR, UConn Photo)
A double major by design. Complement your discipline and explore human rights through planned course work and individualized internship opportunities.

It takes a double major in Human Rights to make a major impact in the world. The Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to human rights learning, research and practice. Our students develop the skills needed to fully consider complex social problems, become informed advocates, and advance innovative, inclusive solutions. The issue of human rights is present everywhere. It is present when people of a remote village organize for clean water and health care, when businesses decide how to manage their supply chain fairly, and when citizens unite to bridge inequalities and hold their governments accountable. Human Rights matters whether you practice, medicine, chemistry, social work, business, engineering, agriculture, journalism, liberal arts or any other discipline.