Interdisciplinary Commitment

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: The Parkville Project | Directed by Helene Kvale | Photograph by Rich Wagner // Sienna Valente-Blough at Spring Valley Student Farm at UConn // 2009 UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic visit to Casertano Greenhouses in Cheshire // Terror in Chechnya: Russia and the Tragedy of Civilians in War by Emma Gilligan

With research programs in economic and social rights, health and human rights, and humanitarianism, the University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute is committed to fostering conversations across disciplines among students, faculty and the broader community in Connecticut and beyond. Our interdisciplinary commitment is uniquely founded on joint faculty appointments made with the Departments of Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology and the Schools of Business and Law. In conjunction with research directors and other university affiliates, our faculty pursue an ambitious program of collaborative research and publishing endeavors, including the Journal of Human Rights housed at the Institute.

Both our undergraduate curriculum and our graduate certificate program provide advanced courses in theoretical, comparative, historical and human rights not only through the classroom but also through research projects, summer workshops and internship opportunities. Each year we expand our offerings by inviting international scholars, activists and advocates to campus through our “Scholars at Risk” program and related initiatives. We are also dedicated to providing an open forum for the community through our public lecture and outreach programs.