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Dhurata Lluhani, International Organization for Migration Intern

BY Johanna Debari

Read below about Dhurata Lluhani, student in Journalism and Political Science and minoring in Human Rights, writing about her internship with the International Organization for Migration in Kosovo.

“This summer I interned at the International Organization for Migration in Kosovo. My position was to be the Public Information Intern and in this position I got to combine what I learned in the classroom of my two majors and minor and put them all into practice. My two majors are Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Human Rights. My internship position did not only have to do with human rights but I had the opportunity of writing articles and even doing some creative writing. Writing is my hobby therefore I didn’t even consider this “work.”

IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration. It has 157 member states and offices in over 100 countries. IOM headquarters is located in Geneva and all offices report back to Geneva on how successful or unsuccessful projects are in order to get funding from them.

The organization came into Kosovo for a short-term recuperation but now, fifteen years later after the Kosovo conflict, IOM has started to address other problems. These problems include the poor quality of public service including housing, health, and education. After the war, many Kosovar’s houses were burned to the ground and some are still left without a home to live in. IOM has definitely made a big impact here and it made me realize I want to continue to do work with Human Rights.

In the beginning of my internship, I had planned to try out this internship and see how it would be to live in Kosovo. Now, after the internship, I have realized many things I am not sure of anymore but what I am sure of, is that I still want to help the people of Kosovo and around the world.

Overall, the memories I have made at IOM have been absolutely amazing and the people I met I know I can count on. They have told me to give them a call when I’m back in Kosovo and as for my international friends, I have been told that I could visit them in their native country anytime!”