Teaching Human Rights Working Group Offers Tools for Integrating Human Rights into Courses Across the Curriculum


The Teaching Human Rights (THR) working group is associated with the Human Rights Institute. In 2013, six graduate students began work on a database that provides lesson plans and tools to support the integration of human rights into any college classroom as well as the creation of interdisciplinary introductory human rights courses. The group envisions this resource as reflective of the Connecticut School of Human Right’s interdisciplinary approach to teaching human rights. The core of their methodology is the belief that human rights is not the province of any one academic discipline, and thus interdisciplinarity is necessary to provide a robust multifaceted understanding of human rights.

There are currently over 60 college programs in human rights around the country. In addition, the number of other departments looking to hire faculty with expertise in human rights is growing. The database provides a pathway to this community of scholars and instructors.

The group is currently accepting submissions of human rights-based lesson plans and course syllabi. Submissions to the Teaching Human Rights Database for College Instructors are reviewed on an on-going basis. To ensure that each submission meets the objective of this project to provide quality interdisciplinary lesson plans, each submission will be reviewed by two of the project’s Editors, each from a different discipline. This interdisciplinary peer-review process aims to ensure that each lesson is intelligible across a wide-range of disciplines. The group is especially interested in lesson plans from all disciplines that reflect a holistic approach to human rights.

For more information visit the website at http://teachinghumanrights.uconn.edu/

Send questions to teachinghrts@gmail.com.