CT Women’s Education and Legal Fund

My name is Sarah Edelman and I am currently a senior at UConn! I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Human Rights. This year I have been interning with the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund (CWEALF) in Hartford. I completed my Human Rights internship requirement in the fall and continued to intern with CWEALF for the remainder of the school year. I currently work in the Legal Education department where I take calls from clients seeking information on Divorce, Domestic Violence, Child Support, Child Custody, Employment Law and Discrimination. I also have worked on various projects one of which was to expand our internal database with resources available on family law. This has helped all of us at CWEALF better serve the public. I also recently completed an Employment Law presentation that will be presented to the public in late April at a public forum.
The work I have done at CWEALF definitely fits within the guidelines of Human Rights work. I work with low-income individuals on a daily basis who have been subject to scrutiny and violations of human rights due to their lack of resources and opportunity. The inequality that women face is still apparent in today’s society, even though many would like to believe that it is an issue of the past. At CWEALF we work to tackle the inequality by informing the public on family and employment law related issues. CWEALF also works with legislation to make sure the experiences of women and low-income individuals are considered when making public policy decisions in Connecticut. CWEALF offers many approaches to addressing these issues through research, advocacy, information and referral. At CWEALF we see an importance in equal opportunity for women and work to close the gender gap that remains evident. I absolutely love my internship. It fits my career interests perfectly and has served as a great learning experience that I can take with me in the future.

-Sarah Edelman 14’

CT Women's Education and Legal Fund