Internship Reflection: Women Moving Millions

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My name is Alexis Berglund, and I am currently a senior in the Human Rights Minor program at UConn, as well as a work study student at the Human Rights Institute. My major is psychology, but the intersection between the two fields of psychology and human rights is where my interests truly lie. I have found the study of women’s rights, as well as victimhood and survivorship to be fascinating, and have found myself moving towards a future degree in forensic psychology to incorporate both my human rights and psychological studies. With women’s advocacy being one of my main interests I found myself interning at Women Moving Millions during the summer of 2013. WMM is a nonprofit based in NYC that creates a network of women who donate at the million dollar level to other women’s organizations. The concept of encouraging women to make such a large commitment to the issue, while also educating them and the public on current events is what captured my attention.

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Three days a week my journey would start with a 2 hour commute into the city and end the same way, with a 9-5 internship sandwiched in between. The commute was anything but ideal, but the experiences that I had, and the networks I established made up for the travel time immensely! I met some of the most dedicated women at Women Moving Millions who are making such a large scale impact on women and girls worldwide. I mostly was in charge of social media projects, but the research I did while interning was eye opening to say the least. Each day I was there I was submersed in the current issues that women and girls are facing everyday globally – and it quickly became clear that I am being called to dedicate my career and life to advocating for equality and justice. I cannot say for sure if I will end up working in the nonprofit sector of human rights, but I most definitely will continue to stand for the rights of women worldwide. I encourage everyone to check out the Women Moving Millions website, as well as their Twitter page in order to keep up to date with current news on women’s empowerment.

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Thanks for reading!

– Alexis