About the Human Rights Institute Blog and How to Submit a Post

Human Rights Institute Blog Launched April 2013!  

Welcome to the Human Rights Institute Blog!  The HRI is excited to announce our new foray into the world of social media with the launch of this blog: Human Rights Institute Blog on WordPress.  Please follow us to keep updated about new posts!

Our blog focuses on coverage of our many events, our student’s work, alumni career achievements, and faculty news. The goal of our new blog is to increase public awareness about the Institute while providing a more informal environment to update our followers about the achievements of our students, faculty, and staff.   We plan to keep the blog updated with posts about the goings on at the Institute during the school year. During the summer and academic breaks we will have less frequent posts, so stay tuned for updates from the Institute.

As always, we welcome people in our network to send us updates on their work, achievements, and human rights related news at UConn. We are especially interested in more informal stories, news, interviews, photos, and video from members of our community that might not be suited for our formal website. Please send your ideas for posts to HRI Graduate Publicity Liaison Jack Barry student1962@ad.uconn.edu for consideration for the blog.
The HRI would really like thank Juanita Austin, our undergraduate social media intern, for her dedicated work in the launch of our blog.  Because of her we feel that the design of the blog is friendly, stylish, and informative.
The views expressed in our blog are not necessarily the views of the Human Rights Institute at UConn.