HRI Internship Reflection: Digital Media & Human Rights

Hi Everyone,

My name is Juanita, and I’m doing a dual degree in Human Rights and Digital Media. My interest in social justice and human rights was sparked last summer when I was doing a photography internship in New York. Last Spring semester I took a leave of absence from the University in order to figure out what I wanted to do it with my life. During my time in New York, I would venture out into Manhattan to do street photography. On one of my adventures, I stumbled across a social justice rally and march. It was then that the spark ignited. I attended a few other marches while in New York and this solidified my focus on photography and human rights.

Last semester, I realized that I was interested in using art as a method of human rights advocacy. Specifically, I’m interested in digital media (photography, video, web design, communication design) and youth-based outreach. Over winter break, I did an film internship in North Carolina with the Empowerment Project.  The Empowerment Project is a nonprofit organization that produces documentary films, specifically in the area of social justice, environmental justice, and peace.

Now I am interning with the Human Rights Institute at UConn as their social media coordinator. We are working on developing our social media outreach. We are starting with a blog for the institute and possibly a future Facebook page. In my future academic studies, I’m hoping to cooperate photography and video in my work, as well as utilizing web design and graphic design skills. I applied to the University’s fine arts school and I’ve recently been accepted. I’m working on incorporating the new digital media major into my plan of study.

In my future career I’m hoping to work for a nonprofit organization that uses digital media and youth-outreach for human rights advocacy. I’m also want to travel and do my own independent photography/videoagraphy work for social justice.

Thanks for reading!

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