New and Forthcoming Publications

Published on October, 10 2012 at 12:00am

Lyle Scruggs, Christian Zimmermann, and Christopher Jeffords "Legal Implementation of the Human Right to Social Security around the World. A Preliminary Assessment of National Social Protections Laws." In Alanson Minkler, ed. The State of Economic and Social Human Rights: A Global Overview. Cambridge University Press (2013).

Daniel Stockemer and Lyle Scruggs "Income Inequality, Development and Electoral Turnout - New Evidence on a Burgeoning Debate." Electoral Studies. (forthcoming)

Daniel Stockemer, Bernadette LaMontagne and Lyle Scruggs "Bribes and Ballots: The Impact of Corruption on Voter Turnout." International Political Science Review (forthcoming).

Lyle Scruggs and Salil Benegal "Declining Pubic Concern about Climate Change: Can We Blame the Great Recession?" Global Environmental Change. 22 (2), 2012:505-515.

Lyle Scruggs, Shareen Hertel, Christopher Jeffords and Sam Best "Information, Choice and Political Consumption: Human Rights in the Checkout Lane." Human Rights Quarterly. 33 (4), 2011: 1092-1121 (with).