Fall Human Rights Graduate Courses

Published on September, 6 2012 at 12:00am

The following courses counting toward the Graduate Certficate in Human Rights will be offered during the 2012 fall semester:

  • ANTH 5315: Gender and Culture
  • ANTH 5377: International Health
  • ENGL 6540: Seminar in Literature and Human Rights
  • HIST 5622: The Historical Literature of Latin America
  • HRTS 5301: Contemporary Debates in Human Rights
  • SPAN 6402: Literary and Cultural Theory and the Hispanic Tradition:  War and Modernity in Latin American Literature and Culture
  • LAW 7609-01 and 7611-01: Asylum and Human Rights Clinic (open only to law students)
  • LAW 7653-01: European Human Rights
  • LAW 7672: Immigration Law
  • LAW 7679: International Law
  • LAW 7767: Critical Identity Theory
  • LAW 7814: Refugee Law (offered in June Term 2012)

For more detailed course information, please see the Graduate Certificate in Human Rights page.