NSF Grant Awarded

Published on February, 9 2011 at 12:00am

Susan Randolph, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr and Terra Lawson-Remer have been informed that their NSF Grant Proposal,  Economic and Social Rights:  Obstacle to Growth or Handmaiden of Growth?, will be funded, pending final approvals.  Excerpts from the abstract follow. 

Measuring the extent to which countries meet their economic & human rights obligations has posed a challenge to scholars, human rights advocates, and the treaty monitoring body of the ICESCR.  A central component of this project is the refinement and consolidation of an annual and longitudinal international social and economics rights fulfillment index (SERF Index) that for the first time makes the standard of progressive realization operational. 

The second component of this project utilizes the SERF Index to address three empirical questions.  First, is there a trade-off between meeting economic and social rights obligations and economic growth? Second, do some policies simultaneously foster the fulfillment of economic and social rights obligations and economic growth?  Third, to what extent does a government’s success (or failure) to meet obligations under the ICESCR depend on direct ESR expenditures, the ability to raise revenues, and the interplay between the two?  Cross-sectional and time-series econometric techniques are used to address the first two questions, while case studies are used to address the third.