Economic & Social Rights Group Members


Kathryn Libal, (Social Work): Women’s and Children Rights; Refugees; Poverty and Human Rights in Wealthy States

David Richards( Political Science): Economic Rights Measurement; Women’s Rights

UCONN Faculty Members

Oksan Bayulgen, (Political Science): Globalization and Democratization; Microcredit As a Human Right
Audrey Chapman (Health Center): Health Rights; Globalization and Human Rights; Science and Human Rights
Lynne Healy
, (Social Work): International Social Work; International Development and Human Rights
Shareen Hertel (Political Science and Human Rights): Social Mobilization and Public Opinion on Economic and Labor Rights; Ethical Consumption
Blair Johnson, (Psychology): Health, Social, and Economic Rights; Women’s Rights; Rights Indexes in Relation to Public Health Outcomes
Derek Johnson, (Economics): Legal & Economic Analysis of Human Rights
Prakash Kashwan(Political Science): Property Rights; Environmental conservation and human rights; Institutional analysis
Lanse Minkler (Economics, Director of Socio-Economic Rights at the Human Rights Institute):  Right to Employment; Role of Constitutions; Measurement/ Budget Issues
Susan Randolph,(Economics):  Measures of Economic Rights; Effect of Development Policies on Economic Rights
Lyle Scruggs,(Political Science): Comparative Social Welfare Policy and Globalization; Social Insurance Policy Analysis
Heather Turcotte,(Political Science, Women’s Studies & International Studies): Political Economy of Rights; Geopolitics of Violence and Justice; Africana and Global Critical Race Feminisms

UCONN Graduate Student Members

Jack Barry, Political Science
Kristy Belton, Political Science
Salil Benegal, Political Science
Catherine Buerger, Anthropology
Benjamin Carbonetti, Political Science
Shaznene Hussain, Political Science
Jordan Kiper, Anthropology
Corinne Tagliarina, Political Science