Economic & Social Rights Group Affiliates

Affiliates are academics within the larger scholarly community who actively participate in our program.

Catherine Albisa (NESRI): Constitutional and Human Rights Law; Analysis of the Right to Health
Radhika Balakrishnan (Rutgers, Women’s and Gender Studies): Gender and Development; Budgetary Analysis from a Human Rights Perspective
Chad Clay (University of Georgia, Department of International Affairs): Labor Rights; Human Rights Measurement; International Diffusion; Economic Coercion
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr (New School, International Affairs): Measures of Economic Rights; Analysis of Global Financing for Development
Michael Goodhart (Pittsburgh, Political Science): Democracy and Globalization; Basic Income Guarantees; Economic Injustice
Mark Gibney (North Carolina- Ashville, Political Science): Extraterritorial Obligations
Philip Harvey (Rutgers, Law): Right to Employment; Labor Rights
Patrick Heidkamp (Southern Connecticut State, Geography): Economic Geography; Globalization; Ethical Consumption and Alternative Trade; Environmental Sustainability
Richard Hiskes
(Grand Valley State University, MI): Political Science; Economic Rights; Environmental Rights; Theory of human rights
Christopher Jeffords (Eastern Connecticut State University (visiting professor); Indiana University of Pennslyvania (on leave 2012-13): Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Environmental Human Rights
Gillian MacNaughton (University of Massachusett Boston): Equality and Social Rights; Right to Health; Right to Decent Work
Ken Neubeck (UCONN Emeritus, Sociology): Economic Human Rights and Welfare Policies; Human Rights in the U.S.; Local Community Implementation of Human Rights
Sanjay Reddy (New School, Economics): Political Economy; Development; Welfare Economics; Inequality and Poverty
Shawna Sweeney (UMASS-Dartmouth, Public Policy): Women’s Economic Rights; Measurement Issues
Christian Zimmermann, (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis): Redistribution; Unemployment


ESRG Graduate Student Affiliates

Leslie Marshall (University of Pittsburgh, Political Science): Regime Type Analysis; Human Rights in Autocracies; and, Democratic Theory

Ana María Sánchez Rodríguez (McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMass Boston): Human Rights based approaches in public policy, Disability rights, Women’s rights, Human Rights and development.