Lanse Minkler new book on econ and social rights

HRI Affiliated Economics Prof. Lanse Minkler Publishes New Edited Book Titled

The State of Economic and Social Human Rights: A Global Overview.

Congrats Prof. Minkler!

This edited volume offers original scholarship on economic and social human rights from leading and new cutting-edge scholars in the fields of economics, law, political science, sociology and anthropology. It analyzes the core economic and social rights and the crucial topic of non-discrimination, and includes an innovative section on 'meta' rights. The main chapters answer important questions about economic and social rights performance around the world by emphasizing the obstacles that prevent governments from fulfilling their obligations. The interdisciplinary analysis offers a detailed and up-to-date discussion to help scholars and policy makers find the best ways to instantiate economic and social rights. The authors examine the role of the associated obligations, and especially the obstacles to respect, protect and fulfill those obligations. The book's introductory and concluding chapters address conceptual issues and correct mistakes often made by critics of economic and social rights.

Many members of the UConn human rights community contributed to the edited volume.  

Congrats to all of you!

Chapter 2: "The Right to Food: A Global Perspective" by UConn Professors Susan Randolph and Shareen Hertel.

Chapter 3: "Globalization and the Right to Health" by UConn Professor Audrey R. Chapman and UConn Phd. Candidate in Political Science Salil D. Benegal.

Chapter 5: "Implementation of the Human Right to Social Security around the World: A Preliminary Analysis of National Protection Laws". by UConn Professor Lyle Scruggs, Christian Zimmerman and Indiana University Professor Christopher Jeffords (a former UConn graduate student).

Chapter 7: "The Rights of the Child to an Adequate Standard of Living: Applying International Standards to the U.S. Case" by UConn Professors Kathryn Libel and Ken Neubeck.

Chapter 8: "Achieving Women's Economic Rights, in Policy and in Practice" by UConn Phd. Candidate in Anthropology Catherine Buerger. 

Chapter 9: "Statelessness and Economic and Social Rights" by UConn Phd. Candidate in Political Science Kristy A. Belton.

Chapter 13: "Constitutional Environmental Human Rights: A Descriptive Analysis of 142 National Constitutions by Indiana University Professor Christopher Jeffords (a former UConn graduate student). 

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