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Research Programs

Members & Affiliates


Shareen Hertel, (Political Science and Human Rights): Social Mobilization on Economic and Labor Rights; Ethical Consumption

Susan Randolph, (Economics):  Measures of Economic Rights; Effect of Development Policies on Economic Rights

UCONN Faculty Members

Jack Barry, (GTDI, Global Training and Development Institute): The Right to Internet Access, Technology and Development, Microfinance, Poverty, Governance, and Social Movements
Oksan Bayulgen, (Political Science): Globalization and Democratization; Microcredit As a Human Right
Robert Bird,(Business): Business Law; Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Human Rights; Business and Human Rights; Corporate Social Responsibility; Business Ethics
Anna Cabot, (Law School): Asylum and Refugee Law; Immigration Law; International Human Rights
Audrey Chapman, (Health Center): Health Rights; Globalization and Human Rights; Science and Human Rights
Lynne Healy, (Social Work): International Social Work; International Development and Human Rights
Blair Johnson, (Psychology): Health, Social, and Economic Rights; Women’s Rights; Rights Indexes in Relation to Public Health Outcomes
Derek Johnson, (Economics): Legal & Economic Analysis of Human Rights
Prakash Kashwan(Political Science): Property Rights; Environmental conservation and human rights; Institutional analysis
Molly Land (Law School and Human Rights Institute) International Human Rights Law; Technology, Science and Innovation; Intellectual Property
Kathryn Libal, (Social Work): Women’s and Children Rights; Refugees; Poverty and Human Rights in Wealthy States
Lanse Minkler, (Economics):  Right to Employment; Role of Constitutions; Measurement/ Budget Issues
Stephen Park, (Business): Financial Regulation and Corporate Social Reporting; International Trade Law and Global Supply Chains
Nishith Prakash, (Economics and Human Rights Institute): Gender Equality; Education for Girls; Crime; India
Lyle Scruggs(Political Science): Comparative Social Welfare Policy and Globalization; Social Insurance Policy Analysis

UCONN Graduate Student Members

Shaznene Hussain, (Political Science)
Erica MacDonald, (Political Science)
Ute Reisinger, (International Studies)
Corinne Tagliarina, (Political Science)
Alyssa Webb, (Political Science)
Christopher Raymond, (Human Rights and Management)

Economic & Social Rights Group Affiliates

Affiliates are academics within the larger scholarly community who actively participate in our program.

Catherine Albisa, (NESRI): Constitutional and Human Rights Law: Analysis of the Right to Health
Radhika Balakrishnan, (Rutgers, Women’s and Gender Studies): Gender and Development; Budgetary Analysis from a Human Rights Perspective
Kristy A. Belton, Associate Director of Academic Development, International Studies Association
Salil Benegal, (DePauw University): Environmental Rights, and Politics of Economic Inequality
Benjamin Carbonetti, (Trinity College): State Capacity and Repression, Environmental Human Rights, International Law
Christina Chiarelli-Helminiak, (West Chester University, Graduate Social Work Department): Burnout, Human Rights Education, Immigrant Civic Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Social Work.
Chad Clay, (University of Georgia, Department of International Affairs): Labor Rights; Human Rights Measurement; International Diffusion; Economic Coercion
Allison Corkery, (Center for Economic & Social Rights, New York): Economic and Social Rights, Human Rights Research Methodology, Human Rights Accountability Mechanisms and Rights-Based Development.
Diane F. Frey, (San Francisco State University): International Labor Standards, Right to Decent Work, Union Rights
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, (New School, International Affairs): Measures of Economic Rights; Analysis of Global Financing for Development
Michael Goodhart, (Pittsburgh, Political Science): Democracy and Globalization; Basic Income Guarantees; Economic Injustice
Mark Gibney, (North Carolina- Ashville, Political Science): Extraterritorial Obligations
Philip Harvey, (Rutgers, Law): Right to Employment; Labor Rights
Patrick Heidkamp, (Southern Connecticut State, Geography): Economic Geography; Globalization; Ethical Consumption and Alternative Trade; Environmental Sustainability
Richard Hiskes, (Grand Valley State University, MI): Political Science; Economic Rights; Environmental Rights; Theory of human rights
Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada: Right to Food, Economic Human Rights, Development and Globalization
Christopher Jeffords, (Indiana University of Pennsylvania): Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Environmental Human Rights
Elizabeth Kaletski(Ithaca College, Department of Economics) Economic Development, Labor Rights, Child Labor
Gillian MacNaughton, (University of Massachusett Boston): Equality and Social Rights; Right to Health; Right to Decent Work
Ken Neubeck, (UCONN Emeritus, Sociology): Economic Human Rights and Welfare Policies; Human Rights in the U.S.; Local Community Implementation of Human Rights
Sanjay Reddy, (New School, Economics): Political Economy; Development; Welfare Economics; Inequality and Poverty
Lea Shaver, (IU McKinney School of Law): Right to Science and Culture, Intellectual Property, Right to Read
Shawna Sweeney,(UMASS-Dartmouth, Public Policy): Women’s Economic Rights; Measurement Issues
Rachel Wahl, (University of Virginia Curry School of Education): Human Rights Education and Advocacy; State Violence and Prevention of Torture; Liberalism and Competing Conceptions of Justice and Goodness
Daniel J. Whelan, (Hendrix College): historical development of human rights norms and institutions; human rights and development; justiciability of economic and social rights.
Inga Winkler, Scholar in residence, NYU, Center for Human Rights and Global Justice; Human rights to water and sanitation, substantive equality, gender, monitoring inequalities
Katharine G. Young (Associate Professor of Law, Boston College): Economic and Social Rights; Comparative Constitutional Law: Judicial Review
Christian Zimmermann, (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis): Redistribution; Unemployment

ESRG Graduate Student Affiliates

Konstantinos (Kostas) Koutsioumpas,(University of Massachusetts Boston): Right to Sport, Physical Activity and Play, Right to Health, Indigenous Rights
Leslie Marshall (University of Pittsburgh, Department of Political Science): Gender and Development; Mobilization for Social and Economic Rights.
Christopher Raymond (Cornell University, Industrial & Labor Relations): labor rights, freedom of association, trade unions
Ana María Sánchez Rodríguez (McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMass Boston): human rights based approaches in public policy, disability rights, women’s rights, human rights and development.

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