Associated Graduate Student Conference on Human Rights – Human Rights in Context

Conference, September 18, 2013
University of Connecticut, Storrs

The Graduate Human Rights Conference will kick off the interdisciplinary conversation on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at the Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. We aim to bring together graduate students interested in human rights, from multiple disciplines, to present and share their research interests. The Graduate Conference will include a workshop on publishing in the field of human rights as well as complimentary breakfast and lunch. We encourage Graduate students to come to these events on Wednesday and stay for the 10th Anniversary Conference which will include many prominent human rights scholars.

Associated Grad Student Conference on Human Rights – Human Rights in Context (Schedule)

All events for HRI Grad Student Conference in Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center, Storrs, CT

Wednesday, September 18th 2013

8-9 Breakfast and registration



9-10:30 Panel: Indigenous Peoples

Marian Ahn Thorpe (Rutgers University): “Indigenous environmental subjectivities, human rights, and climate change”

Katherine Mueller (UConn): “Rhetorical Intersections and Expressions: Feminism, Indigeneity, and Rights”

Rebecca Nelson Jacobs (UConn): “Mayan Women's Economic and Political Empowerment Through Rights Talk”

Alexandra Pedersen (Queen’s University): “Human Rights Defenders and Resource Extraction: The Peaceful Roadblock at La Puya”

Discussant: Francoise Dussart



10:45-12:15 Panel: Women’s Rights

Chair: Tina Chiarelli-Helminiak

Deneil Hill (Binghamton University): “Shifting Feminist Visions at the UN: Expanding the Definition of Women's Human Rights”

Roseanne Njeri Njiru (UConn): “Political Battles on Women's Bodies: Post-Election Conflicts and Violence Against Women in Internally Displaced Person's Camps in Kenya”

Kirsti Rawstron (University of Wollongon, Australia): “Measuring the Effect of Conventions: A Quantitative Analysis of CEDAW-Based Anti-Sex Discrimination Legislation”

Katarina Lucas and Sadie-Evelyn Gillis (Milano School of International Affairs): “The Needs of Women Survivors of Sexual Violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Current Efforts by the Government and NGOs in Addressing Women's Needs”


12:15-1:15 Lunch



1:15-2:45 Panel: Latin America

Jennapher Lunde Seefeldt (Northeastern University): “Repression of Freedom of Expression Rights in Hybrid Regimes: A Case Study Using Venezuela and Bolivia”

Carlos Gardeazabal Bravo (UConn): “Evelio Rosero’s The Armies: an Embodied Account of Human Rights”

Mabel Duran-Sanchez (University of South Florida): “A Look into Pre-Trial Preventive Detention in Venezuela during the Chavez Era”

Amy Infanzon (Northeastern Illinois University): “Enforced Disappearances: A Search for Causes and Prevention”


3:00-4:30 Panel: Media

Chair: Jack Barry

Virginia K. Dixon (Columbia University): “Eyes in the Sky: Satellite Technology and Human Rights”

Samantha White (UMass Boston): “The Internet, Human Rights Initiatives, and Historical Precedent: Creating Aware and Active Communitites Through Composed Media”

Kristina Reardon (UConn): “Poetic Justice and Human Rights”

Jordan Kiper (UConn): “Is there a coherent causal connection between war propaganda and violence?”

Discussant: Molly Land


4:30-5 Afternoon break



5-6 Panel: New Crises

Corinne Tagliarina (UConn): “Wet Behind the Ears: The Current State of the Human Right to Water in National Policy”

Reem Mohamed (School of Oriental and African Studies, London): “Betrayal or Realistic Expectations? Egyptian Women Revolting”

Discussant: Zehra Arat


6-7 Dinner



Thursday, September 19th 2013


8-8:30 Breakfast



8:30-10 Panel: ESR/Development

Elizabeth Kaletski (UConn): “Human Rights and Foreign Aid: An Empirical Investigation”

Rana S. Gautam (SUNY Stony Brook): “Banking Crises and Human Rights: The Case of Latin America and Caribbean”

Brendan Skip Mark (Binghamton University): “Are Economic Liberalization and Workers' Rights Compatible?”

Dr. Elena Pribytkova (Columbia University): “A Decent Standard of Living from a Human Rights Perspective”

Discussant: Lyle Scruggs



10:15-11:45 Panel: LGBT

Bryan Schwartz (Georgetown University): "A Sisyphean Struggle?: Periodizing the History of Male Homosexuality in Germany, Russia, and China"

Lauren B. Paulk (CUNY, School of Law): “The Criminalization of Status: Persecution of Sexual and Gender Minorities and Potential Remedies in Human Rights Law”

Caryl M. Nuñez (UConn): “LGBTI as Monster Refugees: Privacy, Protection and the Neoliberal Pursuit of Heternonationlism”

Dianne Schindler (UConn): “Gender Borderlands: Addressing the Health Challenges of Transgendered People through a Human Rights Framework”

Discussant: Mary Bernstein

12:00 Poster session


1PM Faculty conference