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2012-2013 HRI Funding Recipients


2012-2013 Human Rights Institute Funding


2012-2013 Human Rights Faculty Fellowship

David L. Richards, Political Science & Human Rights 

The Stealth Pandemic: Violence Against Women, Law & Practice, Book Project


Fall 2012 Programming Funding

Thomas Bruhn/William Benton Museum of Art

MetroPAL.IS, Art Exhibit


Diana Chen/International Medical Practice and Exchange (IMPAX)

Global Health and Human Rights Film Series


Fall 2012 Workshop Funding

Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, Sebastian Wogenstein and Gustavo Nanclares,

Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

"Living Empathy: Emotions of Reconciliation and Conflict"


Faculty Research Funding

Gary Levvis, Philosophy 

"Human Trafficking Service Provider Assessment Project (HTSPAP) Committee"


Lyle Scruggs, Political Science

"Generosity of state unemployment insurance systems in the United States"


Nathaniel Trumbull, Geography

"Post-Socialist Cities and their Discontents: from Urban Disenfranchisement to Human Rights Violations"


Graduate Student Research Funding

Maria I. Berger, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

"Migrant Women: The Subordination of Domestic Workers in Chile"


Rebecca Jacobs, Anthropology 

"Selling Victimhood, Gaining a Voice"


Jordan Kiper, Anthropology 

"Propaganda and Mass Violence"


Roseanne Njiru, Sociology

"Crying for Justice"


Rachel Traficanti, History

"Congress and Human Rights Consciousness"


Farhan Yousaf, Sociology

"Trafficking of Women in Pakistan"