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Faculty Publication Wins 2010 Book Award


Congratulations to Rich Hiskes, Professor of Political Science, Associated Director of the Human Rights Institute and Director of the Human Rights Minor, on his publication, "The Human Right to a Green Future" being named 2010 Best Book in Human Rights Scholarship by the American Political Science Association.

"Hiskes' book, The The Human Right to a Green Future (Cambridge, 2009) breaks truly new theoretical ground in his development of the concept of intergenerational justice, which is wedded intrinsically to his defense of the primacy of environmental rights. Instead of simply arguing that the rights to clean air, water and soil are "individual rights" that are essential to the realization of some other human rights, Hiskes defines environmental rights as collective and "emergent human rights" that invoke collective responsibility, which seek global consensus but may be ironically reinforced by communitarianism and nationalism."


More information about "The Human Right to a Green Future"