New Internship at the HRI on Social Media

Published on October, 31 2012 at 12:00am

(NEW) Human Rights Institute Internship: Social Media Undergraduate Coordinator

This internship is for a student who is interested in helping to develop the web presence of the Human Rights Institute, especially in regards to social media.  This internship is available for the first time in Spring semester 2013.  The intern will work closely with the graduate student Publicity Liaison, as well as with other HRI staff, in helping to enhance the web presence of the HRI as well as integrate us into the emergent worlds of social media and blogs.  This internship will be especially useful for students who are interested in a career in information communication technology driven human rights outreach, as well as photojournalism, media, blogs, and social media development.  Many jobs in human rights, especially in the non-profit sector, are actively hiring in the information communication technology sector and one of the goals of this internship will be to allow students to gain experience in this emerging field.   

Application deadline November 16th