Undergraduate Programs in Human Rights

The University of Connecticut offers both a major or minor in human rights. Explore this section of the Human Rights Institute's website to learn more about how human rights can become part of your undergraduate education.

The Study of Human Rights

What are human rights? How has the concept of human rights evolved? How and why have human rights been violated, both in the United States and abroad? How have people struggled against human rights violations and with what success? What protections against violations of human rights exist, and how can these protections be enhanced and made more effective? These are the type of questions that human rights students are encouraged to pursue. In the human rights major and minor, students receive interdisciplinary instruction in theoretical, comparative, and historical perspectives on human rights through classroom courses and gain valuable practical experience in the human rights field through a supervised internship.

News and Highlights

  • Spring/Winter Preview of Variable Classes

    Preview of Some Variable and Capstone Undergrad Classes Spring/Winter  Variable Course Offering for Spring 2014    DRAM 3138/HRTS 3298* Trends in Contemporary Theatre:  Arab Theatre and Film. Instructed by Visiting Professor Naila Atrach   Tues/Thurs 2:00 PM - 3:15 pm, KNS 302

    This class... Continued »
  • Fall 2013 Courses

    Core Courses:

    HIST/HRTS 3201: The History of Human Rights
    Tu Th 9:30 - 10:45 am

    POLS/HRTS 3430: Evaluating Human Rights Practices of Countries
    Tu 5:00 - 8:00 pm

    HRTS/ENGL 3631: Literature, Culture & HumanitarianismContinued »
  • Human Rights Courses Summer 2013

    Summer is a great time to take a course in human rights!
    Introduction to Human Rights (HRTS 1007)
        Session                  Days          Times                        Campus
        Session 4               Online

    Introduction to Human Rights (HRTS 1007)
        Session                  Days          Times                        CampusContinued »

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