Graduate Student Conference on Human Rights Here at the HRI

Published on September, 6 2013 at 11:39am

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
8am – 6 pm
Thursday, September 19, 2013
8am – 1pm
Storrs Campus
Dodd Center, Konover Auditorium
The Human Rights Institute is hosting a graduate conference as part of the larger 10-Year Anniversary Conference. The graduate conference kicks off the broader discussion of human rights as it precedes the 10th Anniversary Conference. The conference is open to all who are interested and is free.  We hope that graduate students from across the University, or neighboring universities will attend to hear the panels and faculty discussants. The panel schedule is included below (in more detail here:
Wednesday, September 18th 2013
8-9                            Registration
9-10:30                      Panel: Indigenous Peoples
10:45-12:15                Panel: Women's Rights
12:15-1:15                  Lunch break
1:15-2:45                    Panel: Latin America
3:00-4:30                    Panel: Media
4:30-5                         Afternoon break
5-6                              Panel: New Crises
Thursday, September 19th 2013
8:30-10                       Panel: ESR/Development
10:15-11:45                 Panel: LGBT
12:00                          Poster session
1pm                            Faculty conference begins
For further information regarding this event, please contact:
Dan Tagliarina