The Gladstein Committee

The Marsha Lilien Gladstein Visiting Professor of Human Rights

The annual visiting Gladstein Professor is chosen by the multi-disciplinary Gladstein Committee which includes faculty from the humanities, social sciences and law school. The Gladstein Committee is engaged in an ongoing process of assessing how UConn can best contribute to the field of human rights, and it seeks to create academic programs that build upon UConn's strengths in faculty research and archival resources. The Gladstein Committee advises the Director of the Human Rights Institute on a variety of matters, including faculty hiring, overall policy and direction, grant initiatives. It oversees the Human Rights Minor and its subcommittees review applications for funding from UConn faculty and students in teaching and research.

Committee Members

Jon Bauer, UConn Law School

Maya Beasley, Sociology and the Institute for African Studies

Paul Bloomfield, Philosophy

Richard Brown, History, Emeritus

Audrey Chapman, UConn Health Center

Greg Colati, Area Head-University Libraries, Dodd Center

Eleni Coundouriotis, English

Francoise Dussart, Anthropology

Gary English, Dramatic Arts

Emma Gilligan, Director Human Rights Institute, Human Rights & History

Davita Silfen Glasberg, Sociology

Lynne Healy, School of Social Work

Shareen Hertel, Human Rights & Political Science

Elizabeth Holzer, Human Rights & Sociology

Henry Krisch, Political Science, Emeritus

Alexandra Lahav, UConn Law School

Kathy Libal, School of Social Work

Alanson Minkler, Economics

Mark Overmyer-Velazquez, History

Nishith Prakash, Human Rights & Economics

Bandana Purkayastha, Sociology and Asian American Studies

Susan Randolph, Economics

David Richards, Human Rights & Political Science

Blanca Silvestrini, History & Institute of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies

Graham Stinnet, Curator of Human Rights Collections and Alternative Press Collections, Dodd Research Center

Luis Van Isschot, Human Rights & History

Katharina Von Hammerstein, Modern and Classical Languages

Thomas Weinland, Education

Sarah Willen, Anthropology

Richard A. Wilson, Founding Director, Human Rights Institute

Sebastian Wogenstein, Modern and Classical Languages